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Staying in jail can be a overwhelming prospect. Consider contacting our qualified bail bond agency in Sarasota, FL to get assistance posting bail. At Bud’s Bail Bonds, we’re prepared to provide you with reliable service.
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Many people have heard of bail and bail bonds before. But what is a bail bond, and how does it work? When an individual is accused of a crime, they will often be put in jail, and bail will be set by the court. Posting bail allows an individual to get out of jail with the promise that they will appear in front of the court. Bail is often quite expensive, and so a bail bond may be used as an alternative way to pay.

A primary difference between bail and a bail bond is the price. Generally, bail bonds cost a fraction of what the total bail would be—around 10%. Bail bonds are provided by a qualified agent. Physical collateral is not always needed. In most cases, a promissory note, stating you are willing to cover the full amount if they fail to appear in court will suffice as collateral. In cases where collateral is collected, so long as the defendant appears at court that collateral will be returned at the conclusion of the case.

Consider calling if you’re near Sarasota, FL, to request assistance.” to say “Consider calling our agency in Sarasota, Florida if you think we can help.

If you have been searching for bail bonds, consider contacting us for service. Our bail bond agency can assist you. Consider calling if you’re near Sarasota, FL, to request assistance.

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